Thursday, February 10, 2011

Constitutional Adoption

More colorless frozen precipitation fell and accumulated yesterday, here at the shallow northern end of deep southern nowhere.  In response, the Colonel declared a state of emergency for Eegeebeegee, the capital of the Tallahatchie Free State.  Said SOE carries with it far-reaching executive powers with which the Colonel took the opportunity to enact regulation unlikely to pass legislatively any time soon.

First order of business was the adoption of a formal constitution.  Upon establishment of the Tallahatchie Free State, a government formed as much hand-on-wallet as tongue-in-cheek, the Colonel appointed himself chair of the Constitution Committee and charged himself with writing a formal constitution by which the Tallahatchie Free State would be governed and the inherent rights of the citizens thereof would be protected.  

The Colonel has been busy, what with all of the critical critter control and forest management requirements of his vast holdings.  So busy in fact, that the draft of the proposed Tallahatchie Free State constitution so far consists only of a preamble.

Well, really just a preamble of a preamble.

Okay, really just the first word: "The..."

Look, constitutions are important documents.  One doesn't sit down to draft such an important document and just crank out drivel.

Cranking out drivel is the preserve of bloggers, as the five of you who regularly waste valuable rod and cone time perusing posts hereon are frantically aware.

But, let's cut to the chase, shall we?  No self-respecting republic goes about in public without a formal constitution with which to cloak itself.  

Therefore, under the regulatory powers vested the Colonel by the state of emergency declaration, the Tallahatchie Free State adopts the constitution of the United States of America, verbatim.

Shouldn't be a problem... the United States government isn't using it at the moment.    
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