Sunday, November 04, 2007

Reeling Rebels

My Ole Miss Rebels hosted Coach Orgeron's alma mater, Northwestern (Louisiana) State yesterday afternoon in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium. As Number 2 son and I walked onto campus about a half hour before kick-off, you could hardly tell there was a game about to be played. With Ole Miss stumbling towards the end of the most disastrous football campaign since the 1974 season, attendance, even for one of the worst fan support schools in the nation, was at an all-time low. Vaught-Hemingway can accommodate 60,000. There was maybe 20,000 in the stands at kick-off. I've seen more fans show for a Spring Game.

All for good reason. The scrappy Division 1AA team from a unpronounceable and unspellable crossroads in NW Louisiana nearly beat us. They out gained us, manhandled our offensive line, and in the end, with momentum clearly in their favor, ran out of time.

We scored 17 points on them early in the first quarter and then didn't score again until late in the second half. It was so quiet in the stadium, and I was so deep in conversation with some old college buddies, that when I looked up to see what the score was with a few minutes left, I was shocked to see us with only a seven point advantage and them with the ball, driving. The final score was 38 to 31.

This inept coach must go. The problem is our Athletic Director, Pete Boone, is even more inept than Coach O. He probably thinks O is doing a great job. Knowing Pitiful Pete, he was probably more interested in trying to get the fan in the Colonel Reb costume arrested and thrown out.
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