Sunday, October 14, 2007

Same Ole Missery vs. Alabama

When it comes to Ole Miss football there are only two games in the season that mean anything to most people, the last two games of the season against hated LSU and disdained Mississippi State. I add a third to my list--Alabama. Ole Miss and Alabama have played some great games. One of the greatest and most celebrated games of Archie Manning's Rebel career was actually a loss against Alabama. The Tide has had our number all time, beating us four out of five times we've met. The last time I attended a game against Alabama that we won was thirty-one years ago. We beat Bama on Bear Bryant's birthday and sang Happy Birthday to him at the end of the game. It was so good.

Since that time we have beaten Alabama maybe three or four times. Three years ago we had Bama on the ropes here in Oxford, hadn't let 'em move the ball all day, and they marched down the field in the last two minutes and beat us with a last second field goal. Last year, in Tuscaloosa we took 'em to overtime, and lost by three. This year we traded the lead back and forth all game and then fell short on a last minute drive. Final score 27--24.

With five games to go in this miserable season, I predict we'll win one more and finish 3 and 9.
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