Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Down South Dust Bowl

Have I mentioned that it has been dry here?

The southeast is enduring a drought of Biblical proportions this year, and it has been particularly dry here at the northern edge of southern nowhere (and I use that term with the deepest affection). The huge flood control reservoir just to the west of us has dropped to one of its lowest levels since it was impounded. The disputed body of water on my property (I call it my lake; Miss Brenda insists it's just a pond) has dropped nearly three feet in the past three months--and we are just now getting into the "dry" part of the summer.

We got some rain last night--first good soaking we have had in months. But, I'm afraid it will just be enough to make me have to cut the grass this week.

I think the thing that I regret most about the dry year is what it will do to duck hunting here this year. I know I should be more worried about the farmers' plight and the cost of food, but we're talking about a near holy enterprise here--duck hunting is a calling.
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