Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Run, Fred, Run

Finally, someone I wouldn't have to hold my nose in order to vote for, has thrown (or is at least winding up for the pitch) his hat in the ring for the race to see who will face off against Hillary Clinton in 2008. Former Senator, and off-again, on-again television and movie actor, Fred Thompson could not be a more clear anti-Hillary candidate. He is pro-life (calls Roe v. Wade, "bad law and bad medical science"), pro-gun ownership, pro-marriage (one man, one woman), and pro-victory in Iraq. Nobody else on the Republican side reminds me more of Ronaldus Magnus (pardon me while I come to the position of attention and salute in the direction of Reagan's final repose.)

Thompson and Hillary have lined up once before on opposite sides of the partisan divide. During the Watergate Hearings, Thompson served as minority (Republican) counsel (he doesn't just play a lawyer on TV--he is one), and Hillary was a lawyer for the democrats.

Picture this Republican ticket: Fred Thompson and Condoleezza Rice.
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