Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mississippi Movin'

Miss Brenda and I are selling our place on the Redneck Riveria and "going home to Ole Miss." Since we made the announcement, if I've heard the Thomas Wolfe refrain "you can't go home again" once, I've heard it a hundred times from family and friends. To which I respond that since this Air Force brat and career Marine doesn't really have a "home," I can "go back" to anywhere I want.

So, we are cashing out in Florida and buying a home in the country on 57 acres, 15 minutes north of Oxford and Ole Miss. I intend to raise deer and turkeys and keep the pond well stocked for the grandkids. I also intend to become an Ole Miss football season ticket holder and subject myself to that ritual misery up close and personal.

Miss Brenda says I can't tell any of my old Ole Miss buddies where we are going to live now. What's that about?
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