Monday, July 24, 2006

Vote Democrat!

I'm seriously thinking about voting Democrat this next time around. I know that statement has probably caused your head to swim, but hear me out. Things are looking sort of grim right now, what with an Arab-Israeli induced WWIII threatening to blow us all up faster than global warming can burn us all up. Good Democrats are telling us that things wouldn't be so grim if they were in charge. If we had elected Al Gore President six years ago, my air conditioning bill would be half what it is now. If we had elected John Kerry President in 2004, Hezbollah and the Israelis would be planting peace gardens together instead of lobbing high explosives at each other. If Gore or Kerry could have done that as President, just think what Nancy Pelosi can do for us as Speaker of the most powerful legislative body on the planet.

If we don't put the Democrats in charge of government in the next two elections, we are all going to be very sorry. I, for one, do not want to be responsible for Pelosi having to tell us a year from now that if we had just made her Speaker, gas prices would be down around $2 a gallon, Kim Jong Il and the Ayatollahs (What a great name for a fifties rock and roll band!) would have given up their nukes and allowed free elections, American troops would be back fighting for our freedom on American soil, and Mexico would be helping us round up their citizens in our country illegally. And, I certainly don't want the blame for Hillary Clinton having to tell us that if we had just made her President, unemployment would be under 4.5%, Bill Gates would not have more money than you and I, and her husband (as special envoy) would have convinced the Saudis to treat women better.

Heaven help us if we blow it and put Republicans in charge again!
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